A Christmas Recap

Today was my first day back at work after almost two weeks of vacation, which were so packed they could hardly be considered vacation!  If our Christmas season were a movie, it would be “Four Christmases,” (minus the drama) because, well, we had four Christmases 😉

We spent 1st Christmas (Sunday, December 23) with my mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces.


My nieces, Kendall and Lauren, are pretty much as cute as they come, and they could not WAIT to open presents!

IMG_4276 IMG_4278


Andrew with Lauren, Ross (my little brother) opening presents, and Whitney (my big sister) with Lauren!


It would not be Christmas with my family without at least one potentially inappropriate gift.  This year my mom gave my brother-in-law Charles a pair of red velvet Santa Claus boxers with a matching hat 😀

On Christmas Day I requested that we start a new tradition: take a picture of ourselves on our front steps.  Andrew humored me, despite the fact that we were running late for 2nd Christmas.  Here’s our first annual (ha ha) Christmas day photo on the front steps:


We spent Christmas day (2nd Christmas) with Andrew’s mom and sister, Jenny.  The day was full of laughter, good food, and silly photos:

IMG_4285 IMG_4294

 IMG_4299 IMG_4298 IMG_4300

We celebrated 3rd Christmas and Boxing Day with Andrew’s dad, sister, aunt and uncle on the 26th.  Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures, but we ate some more delicious food, opened presents, and played a few board games.  Important fact about me: I can ROCK some party games (Catchphrase, Balderdash, Things, etc.) but I absolutely stink at board games.  Jenny and Andrew each crushed me in a game of UNO (as well as a few others.) Oh well.

For 4th Christmas,the following weekend, we drove to my sister’s house in Raleigh, and my dad, aunt, and grandmother drove up from Atlanta.  As further proof that there is never a dull moment with my family:


We put on a little fashion show for the boys.  No big deal.

In addition to family, we had a great time visiting with friends who were in town for Christmas:

IMG_4263 IMG_4265


…And I even found some time to do a little Christmas crafting 😀

IMG_4245 IMG_4254 DSCN7024

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