Library Books and Leftovers

On the dinner table tonight:

Lemon-Garlic Baked Salmon

Acorn Squash with Tomatoes and Kale

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries


After dinner we decided to go on a walk.  While getting ready, Andrew spotted a library book on the floor on my side of the closet.

 **Important background information:  I have a terrible track record for returning library books, movies, etc.  I am the proud owner of Castaway, Soul Surfer, Sister Act, (all movies I rented for youth group lessons) and Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 (uh, not for youth group) because I repeatedly forgot to return them to Blockbuster and eventually owed more than they were worth.  Thankfully, the public library only charges 10 cents per day, so I have yet to purchase a book as a result of my forgetfulness.  Lately, with Andrew’s help, I have been improving.**

Back to the book in the closet.  I found it yesterday when I emptied a backpack.  I knew it was way overdue.

A: Catherine, when did you check out this book?

C: …When we visited my dad [early November.]

A: That wasn’t that long ago…Oh. Not at Christmas?  The November trip?

[Catherine gives a “guilty” grin;  Andrew picks up the book and starts turning pages.]

A: Where’s the receipt that says when it’s due?

C: …In the other book that I checked out the same day…

[Andrew gives Catherine a “Seriously?” look, followed by a few statements about the importance of returning library books on time.]

We dropped it.  Then we walked downstairs, started lacing up our sneakers, and discussed how long of a walk we wanted to take.

C: Well, I’m going running in the morning.

A: Yeah?

C: Yep… I’m running FAR.

A: [Lips curling up into a smirk]…The library is pretty far.  Maybe you could run there and return your books.

Touche, husband, touche.

My brother gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble for Christmas with a note that said, “Stop going to the library.”  Perhaps he was on to something.

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