When Andrew’s Away…

Andrew has been in Denver for work since last week.  I am meeting him there Wednesday, but in the meantime, this is the longest I’ve been home without him!  Here’s a step by step guide to life when he’s gone:

1.  Download instragram and use it only to email myself photos for the blog.

2. Turn the thermostat to a more reasonable temperature.



3. Eat waffles with peanut butter and banana…for dinner.


4. Take a walk at a local park and find Mickey Mouse’s secret hideout.


5. Watch shows on Netflix that he has no desire to see (an entire season, if possible.)


6. Lock the bedroom door at night;  this simple push lock will keep out any bad guys that may already be in the house. (Not pictured: the hammer/weapon beside the bed)


7. Take and send plenty of photos to remind him not to find any Denver honeys 😉


That about covers it for now.  I’m looking forward to seeing him (and Jenny!) in Denver in a few days!

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