Colorado Part 2: Mountain Views and Hot Flashes

High altitude can do strange things to the body.  The lack of oxygen can cause shortness of breath (check,) headaches, digestive issues (check,) fatigue, dizziness, and…hot flashes? (check.)  Okay, so I can’t find proof that high altitude causes hot flashes, but I also can’t find any other reason that I experienced them on this trip!  It happened a few times Wednesday night and Thursday, which would have been when my body was trying to acclimate (plus, we drove even higher Thursday.)  At first I thought the hotel room was too hot, the heat in the car was turned up too high, etc.  When I noticed that Andrew and Jenny both were still wearing their jackets, I realized: I was having hot flashes.  Hah!

Has anyone else experienced this?  Are high altitude hot flashes a thing?

Moving on…

Saturday morning we ate brunch at Beatrice and Woodsley–a fairy tale-esce restaurant in downtown Denver.  I ordered the “Eggs Johnny Fever–Pan fried goetta on toasted onion bread with sunny eggs, mustard hollandaise, and roasted cauliflower.”  Yum.

Jenny brunchcoffee BandM

It was a sunny, 50-something degree day, so after brunch we met our friend Ashley at Washington (“Wash”) Park, walked around the lake, and chatted for a while.

photo (11)

Then we continued chatting over ice cream at Sweet Action.  They serve a few dairy-free flavors, so Andrew was able to have some as well.  It was apparently the best DF ice cream he’s ever had!

photo (10)

After saying goodbye to Ashley, we decided to get a late lunch (the theme of the day was “keep eating” ;-)) at Sputnik–a quirky, hipster, hole-in-wall restaurant with great tacos and waitresses that say, “What do you want?” when taking your order.  At least ours did.  We filled up on tacos and drove west towards the mountains to continue enjoying the weather and the scenery.

photo (23) photo (22) 

photo (20)

photo (14)  photo (17) photo (18) photo (19)

photo (16)

 photo (21) Awesome.

Finally, on the way home we stopped at a point of geological interest:

photo (12)My husband.

It was a whirlwind trip, but we managed to pack in lots of great food, outdoor adventures, and time with family and friends.

Until next time, Colorado!

9 thoughts on “Colorado Part 2: Mountain Views and Hot Flashes

  1. My husband and I retired in Mexico from Iowa. We lived on the beautiful coast in Troncones near Zihuatanejo for 6 years. We recently moved 3 hours away to Patzcuaro built in the 16th century. It is gorgeous and has an elevation of 6500. Although I am 64 yrs old, I had very few hot flashes on the coast – but here in the mountains – maybe 10 in one night. Very disturbed sleep and not fun. I am wondering if elevation has any thing to do with them. Shari

    • I live in Salt Lake City and when I travel to El Paso Texas, I notice I do not have any hot flashes! I also think it has to do with high elevation.

  2. I live at an elevation of 4500. I get hot flashes all night long. When I travel and am at sea level, I have no problem. I wish I could come up with a solution.

  3. Hi,
    I spent one month in the mountain and find out that I had hot flashes every night. I don’ t seem to have that problem home.

  4. Good to know I am not crazy! I live at 4,000 feet and have had terrible hot flashes for 3 years. In December We spent Christmas at sea level and boom, I was cured. After 2 months back at home they are back, and I am considering driving to Badwater (-200) to shake them off!

  5. I live in Colorado and have had several hot flashes everyday for about 2 years (menopause). I went to visit my brother in Bend, Oregon, which is a about 3,200 feet lower in elevation than where I live and yes, you guessed it….. I only had 2 very mild hot flashes in the week I was there. Even if there aren’t any “studies” out there proving this, I don’t think it’s coincidence because I’ve heard of many women experiencing this and I know what I went through!

  6. I just got back home to VA from a trip to Kauai, HI. I generally have hot flashes, but I noticed a definite increase of them during our flights to and from Hawaii but not really that many while we were there. I read online that hot climates cause more hot flashes, but for me the flying was what exacerbated my hot flashes! Anyone else have that happen to them?

  7. Wow, I thought it was just me! We are visiting CO from PA and I have been having hot flashes all night every night since we arrived and several during the day. Thanks for the post.

  8. Yep. I live in PA and have successfully alleviated my hot flashes with supplements. Then, I spent last week in Colorado and I experienced night sweats several times throughout the night. I’ve been back home for two nights and I’m still having them. Hydrating like crazy and hoping they subside soon!

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