“What is that smell?”

Catherine:  “Ew, what is that smell?  Is it the trash?”

Andrew looks guilty.

Catherine: “Did you fart?”

Andrew:  “No…”

Andrew’s gaze drops to something on the kitchen counter–a just-opened package of kimchi.

[Kimchi–a traditional Korean side dish made from fermented cabbage; Andrew’s impulse buy at our most recent trip to the grocery store.]

Catherine: “It’s the kimchi?

Andrew: “Do you want to try some?”

Catherine:  “My first two guesses were the trash and a fart.  No, I think I’ll pass.”


2 thoughts on ““What is that smell?”

  1. We get that a lot in my house as I test odd food for my blog – apparently the dried fish snacks stank the whole house out. I’d been nibbling them while posting and hadn’t noticed a thing. Mind you, there’s a seaweed pesto on the side right now that even I’m a bit too scared to open. BTW: I love kimchi!

    • Oh, how funny! I can imagine the fish snacks did not smell great 😉 I am a bit squeamish when it comes to smells, and I just couldn’t bring myself to try the kimchi!

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