Ultimate Frisbee + My New Favorite Squash Recipe

I am sore this morning!  Last night we played Ultimate Frisbee with friends, and we played hard.  I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, dinner.

We enjoyed leftovers from an awesome dinner Monday night: chicken sausages with a potato, squash, and goat cheese gratin.  I used this recipe for the gratin (minus the milk and Parmesan cheese; Andrew can handle goat cheese.)


Oh, it was delicious.  Squash by itself?  Not my favorite.  Squash with my beloved potatoes?  Oh, yes.  This recipe is a winner, for sure.

After eating, we made our way to the University of Richmond to meet the Ultimate Frisbee gang.  We went a little bit early so Andrew and a few others could play Spikeball first.  I embraced the opportunity to go for a walk through the beautiful campus.

IMG_1542 IMG_1543  IMG_1559 IMG_1549


Ready. To. Play. 😉

Last week we had 8 people for Frisbee;  this week we had twenty.  Rather than play a crowded 10-on-10 game, we made four teams and had a mini tournament on two adjacent fields.  We each played one game (first team to score 11,) then the winners played, and the losers played.   By the end, we’d all spend about 90 minutes running pretty hard.  The teams were beautifully even in terms of abilities, so although we won our games (:-D), both were very close, and there was no time to rest.

After driving home and hobbling from the car to the house, I made my favorite workout recovery meal–a smoothie.  This cup contained frozen berries, banana, mixed greens, peanut butter, and soy milk.  While this sounds rather strange and is not my typical smoothie combination–I usually use spinach, but we have mixed greens on hand right now, and I usually forego the peanut butter, but I wanted some extra protein–it actually tasted great!  And no, I could not taste the greens. 🙂


I love smoothies as workout recovery fuel because they contain carbohydrates, protein, and lots of vitamins, depending on what fruit you include.  Unfortunately, none of that is preventing my legs and glutes from being incredibly sore this morning. 😀

What do you eat/drink after a hard workout?
Do you ever play Ultimate Frisbee?

16 thoughts on “Ultimate Frisbee + My New Favorite Squash Recipe

  1. I love smoothies too! Kale, banana, coconut oil, flax meal & soy milk are usually my base. Then I add whatever berries/fruit/veggie I’m in the mood for (cucumber & mango are a great hot day refresher!). Did the peanut butter overpower the other flavors?

  2. I miss getting to play Ultimate Frisbee with all of y’all (minus the fact that I’m not really good at it!). Good times!

  3. This is magic to me that you can’t taste the greens! I’ve never mixed them in because I have fear. Fear that I will taste them! Am I four? Anyways looks like an awesome tournament! Love the aggressive selfie 🙂 Hahah! You show them who is boss!

  4. Nope, I suck at frisbee! I loved seeing your gameface on Instagram! I usually eat a banana/almonds and a low carb Gatorade – and since I am old, I take two ibuprofens before going to bed – I don’t wake up as sore!

  5. I LOVE squash but I agree with you – it has to be mixed with something or cooked a special way – none of that plain stuff! 🙂 Super cute selfie! 🙂 I love smoothies SO much but I have been SO lax in making them – in fact – I have not made a single one this entire year. I miss them so much! After a hard workout I drink a lot of water and then just usually eat whatever meal is next – typically dinner. Sometimes I’ll snack on fruit while dinner gets ready too!

  6. I’ve never played ultimate frisbee, and if it’s anything like regular tossing of the disk, I would NOT be good hahaha. I love squash and potatoes together, so good..it makes me think of FALL!!

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