The Day I Ate Almost No Produce

Oh, Monday;  you have arrived again.  I am definitely dragging a little bit today!

As I mentioned yesterday, on Saturday morning we spent some time in the garden.  Sadly, we picked and sliced our first cantaloupe before it was fully ripe.


So sad.

We also, sadly, had to pull out the cucumber plants.  After doing  research, we determined they had some kind of mildew that had infected the entire plant.  Not a particularly satisfying day in the garden.

As I also wrote yesterday, we then hiked the Buttermilk Trail.  Allow me to backtrack, though.  If I were to name this particular Saturday, it would be, “The Day I Ate Almost No Produce.”  It wasn’t intentional, but at the end of the day I looked back and thought, I ate horribly today.  Hah!  In this case, I define “eating horribly” as lacking nutrient-dense foods, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Here’s what the day looked like in terms of food:

Breakfast: 2 Gluten-free pancakes with honey, 2 scrambled eggs
Breakfast afterthought: Peach (Oh, I guess I should eat some fruit…)
Lunch: 3-4 oz leftover steak, GF cupcake
Dinner1/2 chicken burrito, an obscene amount of chips and salsa, 1 frozen margarita

We woke up late and had a later-than-usual breakfast.  When lunchtime rolled around, I wasn’t especially hungry (but yes, hungry enough to eat a cupcake… just not hungry enough to muscle down carrots ;-)).  I didn’t pack any snacks for the hike which never happens, but I was so full from a late breakfast and lunch that I didn’t think about it.  Fast-forward a few hours and five miles into the hike.  I. Was. Starving.  It was hot and humid, and Andrew said, “I want a margarita.”  I agreed, and we decided to drive straight to Nacho Mamas for an early dinner (like 5:30 PM) as soon as we arrived back at the car.

What do you do when you have been exercising for hours with no snacks and someone puts a basket of chips and salsa in front of you?  You eat the entire basket almost before the waitress can take your drink order, of course.

IMG_1649 IMG_1647

The veggies were there;  I just didn’t touch them.

Before our dinners arrived, the two of us finished almost two baskets of chips and salsa (at least salsa is made up of veggies and I ate a lot of it?) plus our delicious frozen beverages (Andrew had two!)  As I finally cut into my burrito, the fullness started to set in, and it set in fast and hard.  After eating half, I put the silverware down, sat back from the table, and said, “Oh, I ate way too much.”  I didn’t feel particularly well for a few hours after that.

Aside from overeating in one sitting at dinner, I didn’t eat too much food throughout the day;  I just didn’t eat particularly well.  At the end of the day I thought, I’m not going to eat “perfectly” every day, and that’s okay.  I’m human.  My Sunday contained a few more vegetables. 😉

When you don’t have a “perfectly healthy” eating day, cut yourself some slack.  We’re only human!

Have you ever let yourself get too hungry and then overeaten?
How do you squeeze more produce into your day?

7 thoughts on “The Day I Ate Almost No Produce

  1. Oh, I’ve done that so many times! The chips/salsa story also sounds very familiar – one of the worst habits (which thankfully we only do on a rare occasion now) was to buy a big bag of nachos and salsa to have whilst we prepped/cooked our meals. All we’d end up doing was stuff ourselves with nachos and then feel obliged to eat our carefully planned meal! Not good. Definitely all about giving ourselves more slack though 🙂 As for adding more produce, I’ve found homemade smoothies a great way of doing so, especially green smoothies! Ohh, melon sad face 😦 Hopefully there’ll be ripe ones to come!

  2. Sad that your cantaloupe wasn’t ready yet! That’s some darn good fruit!
    Yeah girl, that thing called self control loses itself at Mexican restaurants, especially when I’m hungry as I imagine you were!!
    I eat a salad everyday for lunch and that’s how I guarantee fresh produce – along with whatever fruit is on sale the grocery store. Gimme a 2 for 1 deal on berries and I’m a happy girl.

  3. I’m sorry about your garden 😦 That stinks. There are definitely days when I don’t eat any produce (usually weekend indulgences in crap food) and by the end of the day, I’m saying “I miss vegetables” to whoever is around me at the time. So sad. I try to make a conscious decision to get some veggies in with all my meals. Doesn’t always happen and that’s ok 🙂 I HATE it when I overeat. I always wonder why the eff I did that. But I always remember that feeling the next time I want to overeat and try not to.

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