Jamaica Part 2: Fitness and Adventure

While it may be tempting on vacation to lie on the beach all day–especially when a waiter walks by at regular intervals and says, “Hey Princess!  Are you doing okay?  Can I bring you a drink?”*–it’s also exciting to explore all that the activities the area and resort have to offer.  And you’ll feel better if you move a little bit between those buffets and fruity drinks. 😉

(*After this happened a few times, I requested that Andrew start addressing me as “Princess” and offer to bring me drinks regularly;  he declined.)

Here’s how we stayed active in Jamaica:

When we were on our honeymoon we purchased snorkeling masks, which we brought with us last week.  The resort offered snorkeling trips, which we did once, but most days we also explored on our own just off the coast.

 P1040985 P1050173 P1050016 P1050024 P1050142 P1050148

A huge thanks to our friend Kevin for letting us borrow his waterproof camera for the week!

The resort offers a variety of water sports, so we went sailing one day!  The culture difference related to this cracks me up:  In the US, in order to take out a sailboat you’d probably have to take a class, sign a waiver, pass a test, etc.  In Jamaica they said, “You know how to sail?  Have fun!”  😀

P1050097 P1050098

Beach Volleyball
This was more Andrew’s thing, but I played one day too!  Every day at 4:00 the resort staff organized a volleyball game, and Andrew played most days.  Also, if I may brag on my husband for a moment, Andrew is kind of awesome at volleyball.  I had no idea (he never played on a team or anything), but I supposed I should have realized, considering is good at most sports.  The one afternoon he didn’t play, all his teammates kept saying, “Where were you??  We needed you!”


Also, minutes after the above photo was taken, the guy on the right dove into the water to cool off and came up screaming expletives, his foot gushing blood.  We looked in the water and saw that he’d stepped on a stingray, which then pierced his foot!  We talked to him the next day after he’d spent a good portion of the night in the medical center; he was in some serious pain, but he’s okay!

Offsite Adventure: Ziplining and Waterfall Hiking
The only thing we did that was not included was an excursion to Ocho Rios (about 90 minutes from Montego Bay) to zipline and hike a waterfall.  The trip was absolutely worth the extra cost!

 P1050067 P1050068


The view from the sky lift

P1050078 P1050075P1050088 P1050089  P1050077

Dunn’s River Falls is a series of 3-4 ft waterfalls with big pools at the bottom of each.  We hiked from the ocean to the top of the falls.  It was awesome (and provided some great photo ops! :-D)

The Gym
In addition to staying active outside, we did hit the resort gym a few times–once for Andrew, twice for me.  Each time I completed 20 minutes on the treadmill (intervals + a short warm up/cool down), and 20 minutes of weight circuits.  I wanted to make the workouts count without feeling like I was spending too much precious vacation time at the gym.

That was our Jamaication!  I’m still not sure about this whole, “not on vacation, back in the real world” thing, but I am slowly adjusting.  Yesterday afternoon I made myself a “transition from paradise to reality smoothie”: pineapple, mango, and strawberry.  I compromised by not including spinach, flax meal, or rum. 😉


Not bad, but not Jamaica.

Have a great Tuesday!

Where did you go/are you going on vacation this summer?
Have you ever been to Dunn’s River Falls?

10 thoughts on “Jamaica Part 2: Fitness and Adventure

  1. Haha, I would ask my man to call me princess too! I’m sure he’d decline as well… I love all the active adventures you went on! It’s super cool that incorporating activity as a couple for you guys comes naturally. It’s important to value that kind of thing together and you guys have it down! YES a huge thanks to your friend with the underwater camera – such cool photos!
    OMG if that was me with the sting ray, I would have been a huge baby… glad he was okay!
    That smoothie looks good! Ha, not even a litttttle bit of rum?? I kid, good job girly! Loved this recap! It makes me really want to go!

    • Thanks!! I would have freaked out about the stingray too. I was apparently exaggerating about the size of it whenever I told people too! I’d show someone with my hands, and Andrew would move them closer together and say, “It was more like this…” So, I was freaking out and I didn’t get stung. Hahaha.

  2. Oh my GOSH! Looks AWESOME. Seriously I want to go right now! Looks like you guys did a great job of staying active – nice work! I also love the waterfall pictures, super cute!! Hope the adjustment back to the real world is going okay!

  3. I wanna gooooooo!! I love how active you guys are staying, I find that active vacations like this are SO much better because you really get the chance to get out and explore the new place!

    • Thanks! Yeah, staying active is definitely the way to go (plus enough time just lounging on the beach :-D) Resorts in places like Jamaica are so different from what the place is actually like, so I think you miss a lot if you don’t explore some!

  4. Just caught up with your posts from your trip, looks so idyllic! Looks like you guys found the perfect balance between staying active whilst also letting your hair down and enjoying some well deserved cocktails (and sunsets… those photos from your last post were so gorgeous, it makes me yearn to be closer to the sea!). Glad that the hotel were so proactive in looking after you guys too. HOpe you’ve settled back into daily life without too many post-holiday blues!

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