A 5K, a Wedding, and Two Picnics

Friday afternoon as I returned to work after my lunch break, I passed a friend in the parking lot who said, “I’m so glad it’s finally Friday!”  Automatically I replied, “Oh yeah, me too!”  Then I thought, Well, when you work at a church, Friday is often like Sunday: it’s the day before everything gets crazy!  Now that it’s Monday morning, I can breathe and relax. 🙂

This weekend we kicked off the new school year in the life of the church with a bunch of awesome events that definitely kept me busy!  Saturday morning our church, in partnership with another church down the road, hosted a 5K.  We encouraged the youth group folks not only to run, but to dress up in costumes.  I couldn’t find a great costume, but I did find these fantastic purple “skapris” (oh yes, “skapris” are a skirt/capri combo) plus a purple sequin headband in the kids section at Target.  All I’m saying is that I looked pretty good. 😉


I ran with my sweet high school friend Gena, and we rocked it!  I won my age group, and Gena placed second in hers (with a lot more competition.)  We had over 200 participants and raised a lot of money that is being donated to a couple local charities!!

Saturday afternoon, on our way to a wedding in Virginia Beach, we made a stop to visit our good friend Allison.  We ate lunch, watched the Virginia Tech football game, and so enjoyed catching up and laughing!

On Saturday evening we attended the wedding of my good friend and coworker Evan and his beautiful bride Kristina.  The day was perfect, the decorations and details were adorable, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so excited to get married!  It was a sweet, joyful celebration.



Just bein’ us

It was close to 1 AM when we arrived home from the wedding, and I had to be up pretty early for church, er, later that morning.  Rather than our usual three services (two traditional and one contemporary), we had one huge, blended service to bring everyone together as we kicked off the school year.  Even though I was operating on insufficient sleep, the morning was awesome!  I don’t know  how many people were there, but the sanctuary was PACKED, and we had overflow in our Welcome Center.  Some chose to sit on the floor with their kids.  The atmosphere was just relaxed and genuine as everyone came together as one community to worship God!


After the service we had a picnic lunch, and people spread out all over the church grounds–inside and out–to share a meal with friends!

And because one picnic on a Sunday is never enough, that evening we had a youth ministry picnic at a local park to kick off the school year and welcome our new families.  I was unable to do a headcount, but I estimate we had 150-175 people (youth, parents, and siblings).  I felt a little bit overwhelmed…in a good way.  🙂

I am most definitely an introvert, so being in a crowd like this drains my energy.  As soon as everyone had eaten, I’d finished speaking, and we started to clean up, I was ready to lie down on a picnic table and sleep.  Hah!  It was awesome, though, and I am so excited to see what’s in store this year!

As great as the weekend was, I’m so glad it’s finally Monday!! (…aren’t you?  ;-))

What was the highlight of your weekend?

18 thoughts on “A 5K, a Wedding, and Two Picnics

  1. We had so much fun spending time with you and Andrew at the wedding on Saturday! And you did a GREAT job at the youth picnic! You didn’t seem tired at all, but I’m certain you were exhausted. Get some rest!

  2. My weekend consisted of vegetating on the couch on Saturday, and taking our daughter to see her very first big screen movie on Sunday 🙂 So a pretty darn good weekend 🙂

  3. Cute 5K costume! I had no idea those kinds of running bottoms even existed, but frankly, I kinda like it. No judgement here – I may invest in a pair as the temps cool! I can’t get enough of running skirts as it is and am saddened by the thought of hiding them when it starts to get cold. This might deter my skirt depression… 🙂 Woo! Haha cute pic of you and the husband! 🙂 Aw, sounds like SUCH a busy weekend, good job being a trooper and getting everything accomplished! Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. I’m happy to hear about the success of the picnic 🙂 I hope the year is an amazing one for the TUMC youth group!
    The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my sister-in-law for her birthday! Joe couldn’t make it (he was taking chiropractic boards…ahh!), but I had a great time with Katherine!

  5. Wahoo! That 5k sounds like so much fun – and over 200 people is a pretty big race! LOVE your costume! I was working a race this past weekend (place I work at does races all the time) and there was a huge group of women who came in tutus! It was so fun to see! The wedding sounded great, as did the rest of your weekend but I really hope you took that hypothetical nap on the picnic table on Sunday! 😀

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