Fall Decorating + Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, folks!

As fall officially arrived this weekend, I spent a little bit of time Saturday decorating for my favorite season.  I gleaned a few ideas from Pinterest (which I find overwhelming, but I’ve decided this is the norm), made a trip to Hobby Lobby, and went to work with the hot glue gun.  Here’s our newly decorated-for-fall mantle:



These vases were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and I think they are the perfect link between our typical blue and green color scheme and the fall yellows.


As for the crafty part of the decorating process, I made these guys:


My original plan was to wrap all the glass vases with twine, but as it turns out, the process is very tedious, and even OCD has a limit on how much hot glue can be taken to the fingers. 😉

Other highlights from the weekend include:

-Bowling with friends Friday night and earning what’s probably my highest bowling score of all time:


128!  And that was with two gutter balls in the last frame 🙂 I was on fire up until that point.

-Bowling again Saturday with some youth and a few of our friends from the Virginia Home–a residential facility for adults with disabilities.


They always make me smile.  The man about to bowl in the photo is hilarious and ever-willing to give fist bumps and secret handshakes.  I shook his hand when he arrived, and he looked down at my ring and said, “Married??”  I laughed and said, “Yeah, I’m married.”  And he threw his hands up in the air and said, “God D***IT!”  😀

-Football–we watched the Virginia Tech game Saturday, and Andrew drove to DC to see the Redskins game Sunday with his dad and friend.  Despite the Redskins losing, they had a lot of fun!

-Youth Group–love these guys and girls 🙂


Overall, the weekend was low-key, but good.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
Do you decorate for fall?

8 thoughts on “Fall Decorating + Weekend Recap

  1. What an awesome weekend! Girl, you are a bowling champ! Is that without the safety things on the side? I don’t think I’ve ever broken triple digits… Rock star status!
    SUPER cute fall decorations, haha OCD has a limit, huh??? 🙂 🙂
    I think it’s worth the super glued fingers, that vase is perfect!
    I don’t know how to decorate for regular seasons so picking one and honing in on that just seems unreasonable for my lack of creativity.

    • Thank you! I have not always been like this with decorating… there was a weird, distinct change when I got married and moved to a house in the suburbs. I regularly have moments (like while decorating my mantle for a certain season) that I think, “Who AM I??” 😀
      The bowling was withOUT bumpers! I know. I have no idea what happened. I usually score in the 60’s. The worst part is that we went bowling with a group of new friends, and when we got there I said, “Oh I’m terrible at bowling! Seriously, it’s embarrassing! I’m awful!” So by the end I looked like a big jerk. Hahaha…

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