Goat-Feeding, Photo Shoots, and Pumpkins

Andrew and I had a relaxing day off Monday.  It was a beautiful day, so we decided to spend most of the afternoon at Maymont.


We fed the goats:

IMG_2372  IMG_2364


In case you don’t know, I really love goats and regularly ask Andrew if we can have one as a pet (“They’re just like funny little dogs!“)  I think he takes me to Maymont somewhat often to satisfy that desire without actually getting a goat.  (“Yeah, funny little dogs that have horns and eat everything.“)  😉

After feeding the goats, we looked at the other animals, walked around the park, and just enjoyed our time together.


   IMG_2415 IMG_2393

Monday evening we did something that was long overdue and also a lot of fun.  When we got married a year and a half ago, a good friend of ours, Katie, paid for me to have bridal portraits done with another good friend, Kate, as her wedding gift to us.  It was an incredibly generous gift!  Kate and I were relieved that, as good friends, we could schedule the photo shoot on our own time and not worry about being super professional.  Well, to make a long story short, we finally took my bridal portraits Monday!  To make it more fun though, I convinced Andrew to dress up so we could do some couple’s shots in addition to just bridal.


I put my wedding dress back on (it’s a little snugger than it was a year and a half ago, but it still fits! :-D) with my cowboy boots, Andrew put on a light blue shirt and khakis, and Kate drove us out to a random field in the country where we had the most beautiful photo shoot!

1378115_573094462738718_573843542_n bridal

Kate is insanely talented (obviously); I have no idea how to pose for pictures like this (and neither does Andrew), but Kate was awesome and told us exactly what to do!  I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

The week since Monday has been consumed by…. PUMPKINS!  As a fundraiser for mission trips, my youth group has a pumpkin patch on the front lawn of our church during the month of October.  The semi-truck full of pumpkins arrived early Tuesday morning:


In case you can’t tell by the photo, that’s a whole lot of pumpkins.  It took a large group of us about three hours to unload them all;  I did more directing than lifting, but I am still really sore!  If you live in the Richmond area, consider buying your pumpkins from Trinity UMC… the money goes to a great cause!

Other than hauling pumpkins, I have been pretty lazy about working out in the last week.  Andrew and I walked for an hour last night after dinner, and I’m going to  do some lifting today (now that I’ve typed it I can’t back out :)).

Have a great Thursday!

-Goats: love them or fear them?
-Has anyone else taken bridal/wedding photos long after the wedding??
-When are you stopping by my church to buy your pumpkins? 😉

9 thoughts on “Goat-Feeding, Photo Shoots, and Pumpkins

  1. Oh my gracious!! You look BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see more pictures! You have inspired me to try to squeeze into my wedding dress and take 10th anniversary pictures with Rick. I, also, never had a bridal portrait… It’s not too late, right? I would love the contact info for your photographer.
    Oh yea, and goats are REALLY LOUD! My brother brought one home one time when we were teenagers and it bleated so loud for hours! Enjoy them at Maymont! 😉

    • Thank you!! My hair wasn’t quite as elegant as it was on our actual wedding day (I had this really fantastic woman work magic on my hair!), but we were going for the casual look. 🙂
      It’s totally not too late! I think taking anniversary photos in your wedding dress is a great idea… and good motivation. There were definitely times in the last year and a half that I thought, “It’s cool that my weight is creeping up… except that I need to squeeze into that dress that was tailored to my body at its tiniest. Put down the cookie.” Hah!
      I will send you Kate’s info!

  2. I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos either! I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely LOVE looking at wedding pictures! It’s so cool to see the people, of course, but I love the artistic ability of the photographers! I am a lot like you – I will never know how to pose so I’ll need an excellent photographer to be all up in my business telling me what to do.
    Such a cute date you guys went on! I am not sure about goats, but I hate their milk and their cheese. Gross.
    Haha, good luck with your lifting! 🙂 And YAY to all those pumpkins! If I was there I’d buy one from you! I can’t wait to carve them. 🙂

  3. What awesome pictures! I’d love to be able to put on my wedding dress again…my mom had it preserved, though, so it’s in a box 😦 Nicely displayed, though!

    Good luck with the pumpkin sales! Joe and I will be helping the church here with their pumpkin sales for the youth group, wish we were up there to help you!

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