Late Wedding Photos + This Week Randomness

This week has been a bit hectic, so I haven’t had much time to blog.    Here’s a quick recap of our week, as told mostly by the photos on my phone:


Jenny1Andrew’s sister, Jenny, is in town from Denver this week, and it’s been so great to spend time with her!!  In the photo above, Andrew is giving her the extensive tour of our garden.  We’ve also been able to do dinner a few nights, and we convinced her to come to yoga with us last night. 😀  We love you, Jenny!



For date night dinner Saturday we opted for (mostly) convenience– Applegate Farms chicken tenders (GF nuggets for Andrew), Alexia spicy sweet potato fries, and roasted beets.  Mmm.  I love to cook, but sometimes you just need to pull a box out of the freezer.


heart monitor

I’ve been having weird heart palpitations the last few weeks, so I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get it checked out.  It’s probably nothing serious, but they hooked me up to this lovely heart monitor (there are five more electrodes stuck to me in places you can’t see…all I can say is, “TGISS”–thank God it’s scarf season. ;-)) I had to wear it for 24 hours and record when the palpitations occurred and very specifically what I was doing.  How did my dear, loving Andrew respond to this?  He tried to do as many weird things as possible so that if a palpitation occurred I’d have to record, “Having my face licked,” or “Watching my husband dance with a shirt tied around his head.”  (He did not succeed, so I did not have to write anything weird :-D).  Anyway, I should get the results within a week, but, again, I’m not super worried, so you shouldn’t be either (I’m talking to you, Daddy ;-)).


 bobcat goat1

If you read this blog regularly, you probably know that I love goats and that there is this beautiful park in Richmond (Maymont) that has goats and other animals.  My friend Kate and I walked there yesterday for exercise and to enjoy the fantastic fall weather.  In addition to the goats, we were able to see the bobcat, which I had never seen there before!  It usually stays in the indoor part of its habitat.  Very cool. 🙂

Kate took our late bridal/wedding photos a few weeks ago, and she gave me the disc with all the photos yesterday when we got together.  They. Look. Awesome.  Here are some of my favorites (sorry in advance for the photo overload) :

Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey  Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey

Catherine & Andrew Storey

Catherine & Andrew Storey Catherine & Andrew Storey   Catherine & Andrew Storey  Catherine & Andrew Storey

A huge thanks to our friend Katie for giving us this photo shoot as our wedding gift, and thanks to Kate for being so talented and working with us!  After doing this, I think everyone should take after-the-fact wedding photos–no wedding day stress, no rush to get to the reception so guests aren’t waiting, a chance to put that dress back on… 🙂  Yeah, we waited a while to actually take them, but we don’t look that different from our wedding day, and I know ten years from now we won’t be able to notice the 1.5 year age difference.

You can check out more of Kate’s work here.

That’s been our week (so far) in a nutshell.  Have a great Thursday!

-Has anyone else taken late bridal portraits/wedding photos?
-Heart palpitations: have you ever experienced them?  Were they anything serious?

15 thoughts on “Late Wedding Photos + This Week Randomness

  1. Umm… holy moly, GORGEOUS pictures!!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, what a fabulous idea!! I’ll have to keep this in mind… 😉 You both look so great, they are truly stunning! And sad to hear about your heart!! Please keep us updated, hopefully it’s just nothing. I actually had some strange heart palpitations a number of years ago and they went away eventually (I was a bad kid and never went in to get checked out, I assumed they were from marathon over taining). Glad you’re getting them checked out, even if they are nothing! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures!

    • Ahh, thank you! I’m so happy with how they turned out! As for the heart thing, I’ve heard from a bunch of people that sometimes they just happen, so I’m hoping that’s the case with mine. I just wanted to get them checked out because I’d never experienced them before, and they’ve been increasing in frequency, and I can’t pinpoint anything about my diet, exercise, caffeine intake, sleep habits, etc. that might be causing them. We shall see!

      • Yeah – they are just lovely! Did you style yourself in the same way on your wedding day? Or go with a different look? And you’re very smart to get them checked out. It’s always better to have information!! When will you find out results?

        • Thanks! We went for a more casual look for these photos. On our actual wedding day I had my hair pulled half-back, curled, and had a veil. I also had on nice shoes, and Andrew wore a tux. For these I went with cowboy boots, Kate pinned my hair back right before we walked out the door, and Andrew just wore his own clothes!

          For the heart stuff, they said I’d have the results within 5 business days (because, you know, hearts operate during normal business hours ;-)), so hopefully by Wednesday!

  2. I just discovered I had a heart murmur, so I had an EKG earlier in the week – no news yet, which I can only assume is good news! Better safe than sorry,right?! Love the wedding pics!!

    • Thank you! Sorry to hear about your heart murmur :-/ What kind of symptoms were/are you having? I had an EKG when I was at the doctor’s office, and it came back normal, which I think rules out a lot of the big, scary stuff. I’d say no news is good news for you! And yes, even though it’s probably nothing serious, why risk it when it comes to heart stuff? I hope you get good news soon!

  3. Having family in town is one of the greatest things in the world 🙂 I hope you’re alright and I’m not worried (like you said) but I am patiently awaiting the results! The pictures are absolutely STUNNING!!! Such a good idea to do them after the wedding – I am sure it’s much less chaotic and hey, I am sure you spent quite a bit of money on your dress so you might as well wear it again!! Wahoo – win win situation I would say!!! Looks like you’ve had a great week!

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