Thanksgiving and the Beginning of Christmas

Hello, friends.  I took a little blogging break over the last week and a half–not intentionally and not for any real reason.  I simply didn’t feel like blogging.  Anybody else ever have a period like that?  I am back now, and here’s what we’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks:

Andrew and I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving with his mom’s side of the family in Northern Virginia.  Andrew was in Heaven because, due to lots of food allergies in the family, everything on the table was gluten-free dairy-free (or had a GF DF equivalent), so he could eat anything and everything! 

We made a Pin-spired vegetable turkey with the cousins:


 And went for a tractor/wagon ride between dinner and dessert:


And because blogging was so far out of my mind, those are the only photos I took. :-/  It was so great to visit with family, eat good food, and relax!

We spent Thanksgiving day with my family at my mom’s house and, as is customary on Thanksgiving, ate too much. 🙂  I love my family, and  it’s always so good to spend time with them and laugh–usually at something one of the nieces said. 

For example, while we were all sitting around the table, sweet little Lauren (4) looked at me, then Andrew, and said, “Umm, you guys were supposed to get a baby when you got married.” 😀  I couldn’t tell if her tone was suggesting that we were cheated or that she was cheated (out of a cousin), but it was very funny.  Thanks, kiddo. 😉 

Once again, I took very few photos :-/  Here’s the sweet potato casserole that we made and a plate of the leftovers I had for lunch Friday:

turkeyday2 turkeyday1

Yum 🙂  My absolute favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom’s broccoli casserole.  So cheesy.  So delicious. 

Christmas Tree Farm
Yesterday Andrew and I ate brunch and went Christmas tree shopping with our good friends Amanda and Diron. 

Christmastree Christmastree1 Christmastree2

As it turns out, we were way too picky, and neither couple found a suitable tree, but we had an awesome time walking around, taking a hay ride, and drinking hot cider. 😀

It’s going to be tough to go back to work today after the long, relaxing weekend!  Have a great Monday!

Question for WordPress users: A couple of weeks ago my computer decided to stop letting me use Google Chrome to write blog posts (in the visual mode), and I have since been confined to using Internet Explorer (which randomly deletes paragraphs, resizes photos, reformats the post, etc.  It’s pretty awesome.)  Has this happend to anyone else with Chrome?  Is there any way I can fix it??

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and the Beginning of Christmas

  1. Yes, I took a 3 month hiatus from blogging but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. Lauren sounds adorable! I love the things kids say! So much brutal and genuine honesty. Broccoli casserole sounds amazing! Is it a secret recipe or is this something we should look forward to you blogging about? (hint, hint) Google Chrome is my nemesis. I have no answer except that I just stopped using it.

  2. Happy (belated!) Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a wonderful time – we celebrated Canada in early October, but I wish we could do it again!! I use safari for my blogging so that’s never happened to me but that sounds so incredibly frustrating! So I am not much help but I hope you are able to fix it soon!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Google Chrome is evil…I don’t use it for blogging (I use Safari) but I am forced to use it at work and I find that it ruins my classroom newsletter about 90% of the time. I am constantly having to resize pictures, redo columns, etc. Seems like they have some kinks to work out! Hope you get it figured out!

  4. I use Chrome and haven’t had any issues– I usually type my posts in Word and then just transfer it to the WordPress site though. Hope you get it figured out! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  5. Sorry your chrome isn’t working with the site. I typically use the app on my iPhone but when on the computer I use chrome without any issues. Did you change any settings lately?

  6. I hear you sister – those blogging breaks just hit you. And I always think it’s just best to go with it! It makes me feel more fresh to come say something interesting rather than blogging by obligation. Yuck! Also I LOVE the turkey – so cute. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time 🙂

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