10-K Training: Making It Count

I don’t race as often as many runners I know, so I feel a lot of pressure to make it count when I do.  If I’m not going to race a certain distance again for another year, I need that PR.  Last year I won a 4-year battle with the Monument Avenue 10-K to break 50 minutes, finishing in 49 minutes flat.  (You can read that race recap here.)  The race is set for March 29 this year, and while I will be content to shave even seconds off my time, I’ve set a goal to run it in 48 minutes.

Ambitious?  Maybe.  Possible?  Yes.

With just over five weeks until race day, I am getting serious about training.  To avoid injury, I only ever run three days a week, usually M/W/F.  Typically when training for a longer distance (or no race in particular), my weekly routine includes one speed workout (either a tempo run or intervals), one long run (with “long” being relative to what I am training for), and one mid-distance, mid-speed run.  However, after looking at various training plans, and considering that I am aiming for speed, I decided that I really need to make my running days count.  Here’s my weekly training schedule for the next five weeks:

Monday: Tempo Run (30-50 minutes)
Tuesday: Weights + Cardio Cross Training
Wednesday: Intervals (mile, 800, or 400 repeats) + yoga
Thursday: Weights + Cardio Cross Training
Friday: Long Run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Weights

I’m including both a tempo run and an interval workout each week to get my body accustomed to running faster.  Here’s my tempo run from Monday:

treadmill tempIs it still a tempo run if you don’t run one pace the entire time?  I like adding in a couple of half-mile faster spurts to avoid getting bored–plus, 7.7 mph feels easy when you’re coming down from 8.0 mph. 😉  It was a great workout, regardless.

I am pumped about the race and training and all that it entails!  After work today I am heading to a local high school track to do some 400 m repeats…wish me luck!

-What are you training for right now?
How may speed workouts do you do each week?


4 thoughts on “10-K Training: Making It Count

  1. Great job! Tempo runs are really great! I’m training for Shamrock Half Marathon mid March and I do one speed workout (meaning track workout) a week. I also incorporate some speed work (not on the track) in (some) of my everyday workouts. Good luck on your speed workout today!

  2. Good luck with your training (and future 10k!). I’ve never used a training plan involving tempo runs (I still have no idea what a tempo run consists of either and why it is beneficial running so if you could shed some light that would be fab as it keeps cropping up everywhere 😉 ) but have definitely benefitted from interval training (& strength training! All those lunges I reckon!)… I’m not training for anything at the moment, I’ve tried to keep my schedule flexible due to longer working hours, that way I can enjoy the runs when I do them but not panic if I go for a while without them 🙂

  3. You can definitely hit 48 minutes girl, I believe in you!! 🙂 I’m training for the Nashville full so I’m doing the opposite – slow and steady! 🙂

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