The Storeys

Welcome!  I am Catherine Storey, and I live with my husband, Andrew, in our two-story house in Richmond, Virginia.  Out of my love for puns and blogs, “A Two Storey Home” was born.  Here’s a little about us as well as what you can expect to find on this blog:

Andrew and Catherine Engagement Session

Andrew and I met in high school, began dating after college, and tied the knot in April 2012 (still newlyweds!)  He is my best friend in the world.  We are passionate about healthy living, and we love most outdoor activities–hiking, camping, running, biking and kayaking, to name a few.  We love to cook and love to eat good food made from real ingredients.  We are amateur gardeners (I have big dreams of growing so many vegetables over the summer that we need a second freezer to store them all.  Last summer we harvested a total of six peppers from four plants ;-))  We enjoy doing house projects-Andrew is the fixer-upper, and I am the decorative crafter (admittedly, Andrew is much better at his job than I am at mine…)  More than anything we love God and the people He has put in our lives!  We are so blessed to have incredible family and friends!

We do have our major differences: Andrew is 6’4; I am (almost) 5’3.  Andrew is an engineer; I am a church youth director.  Andrew is a gluten-and-lactose-intolerant meat-lover; I am an ice cream-loving sometimes-vegetarian.  We make it work.


On this blog you will find tales of our life adventures, healthy culinary masterpieces (along with some failures,) and funny stories that a short Facebook post simply cannot do justice.  Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “The Storeys

  1. I was so glad to stumble upon your blog! As a fellow follower of Christ it’s an automatic kinship, ya know? 🙂 Keep writing and I’ll keep following!

  2. Please tell me you live in that house at the top of your blog – its absolutely unbelievable and PERFECT! Cannot wait to catch up on many of your posts 🙂 this also made me laugh: “Andrew is a gluten-and-lactose-intolerant meat-lover; I am an ice cream-loving sometimes-vegetarian. We make it work.” <<<— LOVE it!

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