The Weekend: Family, Vegetables, and a Police Report

What a weekend!  I may need a few days to recover from the busyness.

I kicked things off Friday evening by filing my first police report after being stalked in the grocery store and parking lot.  I’ll write a full post on this either later today or tomorrow, but suffice it to say that it was a very scary experience, and I’ve been a little bit on edge ever since.

On Saturday, we held a memorial service for my grandmother, and it was all that we wanted it to be.  After the service and wonderful reception put on by the Bereavement Committee at church, family gathered back at our house.   We had a veggie tray with a lot of goods from our garden, as well green salsa that Andrew made from our tomatillos!  It was a lot of fun to show off the garden to our family members who had heard about it but never seen it.  After the weight of the day, it was so nice to relax with family, share the Grandma Tudor stories that weren’t appropriate for non-family, and laugh.


The nieces and me before the service 🙂


My brother and brother-in-law passed out in my living room 😀


Andrew, Ross, and my dad in the back;  Aunt Ann, Kendall, Lauren, Whitney, and me in front (Charles behind the camera!)

On Sunday, we slept in and skipped church (I know.  Sometimes you just need to be a recluse for a day, and yesterday was one of those days for me.)  Andrew and I went for a walk, then spent a few hours working in the garden–harvesting, weeding, pruning.


IMG_1406 IMG_1407

We finally harvested our beets and carrots and had a good laugh about it:

IMG_1396 IMG_1380

Five tiny carrots and a toothpick, and a bunch of beets… the largest of which is roughly 1.5-inch in diameter 😀
(Side note: I just started using Instagram!  Follow me @ctstorey)

You win some, you lose some, right?  Well, what we lost in root vegetables, we are winning in squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers…

IMG_1382 IMG_1408

Yesterday’s harvest (minus the beets and carrots) + the crazy-tall tomato plants (those are 6-ft stakes!)

After gardening, lunch, and a few episodes of New Girl, Andrew went to the gym, and I stayed home to lift weights in the living room (again, the recluse thing.)

In the evening we went to Bonefish Grille to celebrate my mom’s birthday!  We love Bonefish.  Four of us split an order of Bang-Bang Shrimp (which I’d never had before because I always go with Andrew, and he can’t eat it… it’s delicious!) and an order of Saucy Shrimp.  (My mom’s friend Bill then ordered another Bang-Bang Shrimp for himself…before his entree. ;-))  For dinner I had the grilled scallops and shrimp with steamed broccoli and garlic whipped potatoes.  Mmm. 🙂



We loved celebrating with my mom (and we missed you, Whitney and Charles!)

The weekend was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but held more smiles than tears.  I was able to see so many of my favorite people all at once, and for that, it was awesome. 🙂

What did you do this weekend?
Any tips for growing full-sized carrots and beets? 😀

9 thoughts on “The Weekend: Family, Vegetables, and a Police Report

  1. Gosh, how scary Catherine!! But glad you got out of the situation safe and sound and did the right thing in reporting whoever did this so that no one should have to go through that again.

    On the other hand, the beets and carrots look cute! They look perfect ‘cept in miniature… sadly I have no words of advice though 😉

    By the by I just read your tribute to your Grandma – it was really moving and I loved reading all the little about her, she sounded like a hoot!

    • Thank you, thank you! That was the main reason I reported it–even though I was okay, I wanted it to be on record in case something else happens, just so they have as much information as possible! And I also think the beets and carrots are so cute… Not the most efficient use of garden space, but still cute 😀

  2. Catherine~ Do you ever feel like sometimes in life you are in the right place at the right time?? I am feeling that way right his moment! ~ I am sorry to hear of the passing of your grandmother. I am sincerely empathizing with your loss! My Grandmother passed two weeks ago and I can relate to the emotional rollercoaster 😉 I have sincerely enjoyed exploring your blog this evening and plan to be a regular visitor! You photos are fabulous and make your garden treasures look so inspiring to someone who enjoys clean eating!
    I happened to be on Kelly’s blog and caught your comment about Combat~ I wanted to come over to tell you that I absolutely LOVE Combat and I have been involved in many mixed martial arts~ but Les Mills Combat and Pump are two of my very favorite at home workouts. I wanted to just pass on the information that it is on sale until the end of July also!! (happy to help if you do not have a coach)
    ~Run Kat

    • Thanks, Kat! I so appreciate all the kind words, and I’m really glad you enjoyed the blog! I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother too :-/ That’s tough, I know.
      I do think I’m going to give Les Mills Combat a try… Thank you so much for your input!

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