The Biggest Loser Premiere

Monday morning as I ate my breakfast, I scrolled through my Facebook news feed and caught up on events from the previous twelve hours.  Andrew sat on the couch three feet away watching ESPN.  It was a pretty typical weekday morning scene at the Storey house.

“Oh!  Jillian posted a picture of her friends watching the Biggest Loser premiere last night!”

Andrew, who had just finished his breakfast, stood up, walked over to where I sat, kissed my forehead, and said, “Catherine, Jillian Michaels is not your friend.”

Harsh words for 7:30 on a Monday morning.

For those of you who don’t know, Jillian Michaels is a trainer on NBC’s show The Biggest Loser.  She’s earned the title “TV’s toughest trainer” by her drill sergeant-like training style that brings about serious results on TBL.  I am mildly obsessed with both her and the show.


Season 14 of TBL premiered Sunday, and our friends Mallory and Brad came over to watch.  Years ago, before we were old and married, Mallory and I were room mates and used to watch TBL faithfully each week.  And like any dedicated fan, we had the gear, which we both wore proudly this Sunday :DSCN7108

(Take 1, Andrew: “You look a little bit crazy.”  Take 2, Andrew: “You still look a little bit crazy.)

We laughed, we cried, we snacked on gluten-free vegetable muffins that Mallory made (Brad would not take responsibility for them… the taste wasn’t bad, but the consistency was that of broccoli soup ;))  All in all, it was a fantastic night…

…even if Jillian Michaels is not actually my friend.

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