June Garden Update

We have veggies!

In the last few weeks, we have really seen the vegetable garden thrive.  (“Thriving” is a nice way of saying, “Everything is out of control!”)  Perhaps it’s the heat, the rain, or a combination of the two, but it seems as though some of the vegetables came out over night.  I will let the photos do most of the talking today:

DSCN7889 DSCN8326

Then and now

DSCN8397 DSCN8402

Green beans

DSCN8383 DSCN8386

Heirloom & cherry tomatoes

DSCN8392 DSCN8400

Hot peppers & tomatillos

DSCN8409 DSCN8408

Zucchini & all the viney things gettin’ crazy

Fun gardening fact:  Did you know that there’s a difference between straw and hay?  We sure didn’t.  Apparently we wanted straw to use as mulch, but we bought hay.  The difference?  Hay is comprised of grasses that still have the seeds and grains attached, which means that when we covered our garden with it to prevent weeds, we actually planted tons of grass seed (you can see it in the zucchini picture above.)  It has really been a joy to pull the weeds that we planted out of the garden. 😉

Despite the weeds, we are so looking forward to harvesting (and eating) all this produce!  We have put in a lot of hard work in the garden, and finally seeing the fruit makes it all worth it.  In fact, after seeing those peppers for the first time a few nights ago, I think Andrew was on a gardening high:

Andrew:  “Is it bad that I want to turn the entire back yard into a vegetable garden??”

Catherine:  “It’s not bad to want that… as long as you know it isn’t going to happen.”


7 thoughts on “June Garden Update

  1. In so jealous of your amazing garden! I have planted a few things his year but nothing like that. I am going to have tomatoes, peppers, squash and blackberries. I have been rising horses for years and know the difference between hay and grass, that’s stinky that you pretty much planted the weeds you wanted to prevent.

    • Thank you! We have really been enjoying it so far. Last year we just did tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber, so this is a big jump for us! It sounds like you have a nice garden going too.
      Haha, and yeah, we felt pretty dumb for not knowing there was a difference between straw and hay :-/

  2. We tried to garden for years, but the bunnies and deer ate everything before we did, no matter what remedy we tried. Your garden looks amazing! Enjoy the fruits of your labor 😀

    • Thanks! And that is so frustrating when the critters eat your food! We lost a few strawberries before putting nets around the plants. For the most part the bunnies in our yard just eat the weeds 🙂

  3. The green beans look great! I did however not realise that zucchini (or courgette as we call ’em around these parts) looked so strange when growing (for some reason I thought they grew beneath the ground?! Silly me!) – you guys clearly have some green fingers, you’ll have to teach me how as I’ve just put to rest our third house plant in a row now. Sob.

    • Thank you! And don’t feel silly for thinking zucchini (or courgette) grew under ground! We have been surprised to see how some things grow too. For a few weeks we weren’t sure what were weeds and what were carrots… hah! It’s been a good lesson for us in being more connected to the food we eat. Also, for some reason I cannot keep plants alive indoors, so don’t feel bad!

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