Finally, what you thousands of fans of this blog have been waiting for:

The namesake is posting!  Because let’s get real for a minute,  I have provided the Storey of ‘A Two Storey Home’.  All Catherine does is manage it, think of posts, write the posts, keep up with the comments,and, most of all, stop me mid-action to take pictures of whatever we are doing to post on the blog.  But without the hilarious pun that my name has provided, who would read?  A name is everything.  If Melville had called it ‘Some Guy Overly Fixated on Catching a Whale’, would he have had a best seller?  Or, would people have called for Clark Kent’s alter ego to save them from burning buildings if he called himself ‘Better-than-Average-Man’?  I think not.  Count It!

Andrew = 1

People who disagree with Andrew = 0

Glad that’s out of the way.  Catherine, you’re welcome 🙂

Now on to more important things.  While I have read exactly 4 sentences of the blog. Side bar: I have lived most of it.  Reading it would just be literary deja vu.  I imagine it could get trippy. Un-Side bar.  I can imagine though that Catherine writes a lot about our house, our garden, what we do, running, etc.  She probably also writes about “feelings” and “emotions”  So with this post, I would like to turn the needle back to the manly side of the dial.  So what is the opposite of “feelings”?  How about ‘sgnileef’…no I guess that’s just ‘feelings’ backwards (Feel free to laugh out loud at that one…I bet Catherine doesn’t make awesome puns like that).  I think I’ll go with numbers.  No emotional significance to numbers.  Well, I guess 7 is lucky, 13 isn’t, 3&5 are prime, π is irrational, and, of course, 1 is lonely, or so they say.  There must be a conspiracy to connect ‘feelings’ everything if numbers haven’t even been able to resist emotional attachment.  So, let’s fight back.  Here’s the week in numbers from my engineer brain with the garden harvest update leading off and a photo of today’s crop:


1 – yellow squash harvested

109 – cherry tomatoes harvested

4 – green peppers harvested

2 – pimento peppers harvested

2 – cucumbers harvested

18 – tomatillos harvested

24 – green beans harvested

3 – hours spent on the phone trying to get a new water heater delivered and installed…still working on it

2 – episodes of ‘Property Brothers’ watched

1 – yoga class attended

5 – fish fillets fried

5 – fish fillets eaten

4 – days of work so far

1 – Food Network Magazine read

7 – levels of Jewel Mania beaten

2.5 – hours of ultimate frisbee played

6 – mosquito bites 

1 – mouse caught…thought we had that problem fixed. Hmmm.

and evidence for 1 being a sad and lonely number…

1 – pair of athletic shorts thrown away when the elastic gave out and the draw string broke after at least 10 years of good and faithful service….tear 😦

Wait…there are those dang emotions popping back up again.  So for good measure and to honor all who have used graphs excessively before me, I will end with a graph of how my week has gone…



Yes, my graph goes to 11.

Please comment on my post using a scale of 1-10.


13 thoughts on “Hijacked!!!!

  1. 10!!! This. is. hilarious. Hello Andrew! Glad to read your post on the blog. I hope you’ve been surviving the week without Catherine, at very least it provided some good material for your post! And congrats on those 7 levels of Jewel Mania, quite an accomplishment.

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